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Longfellow Associates is a mission-driven not profit-driven one-stop consulting and guidance firm for theraputic, medical device, delivery, and diagnostic start-ups, international companies, venture firms, and other innovation drivers. Building and scaling a life science company requires many areas of specialized skills and knowledge. Longfellow Associates has experts and partners that span all areas of development, regulatory, clinical, and business, supplementing your team’s capabilities and ensuring on demand expertise. Longfellow Associates allows innovation drivers to focus on what matters most: developing life saving technology, while we take care of the rest.



Market analysis

Competitive analysis

Product differentiation

Product market fit

Product positioning

Strategic planning


Create or evaluate regulatory strategy

Create or review regulatory timelines

Create or edit regulatory submissions

Support meetings with the FDA

Scientific Advising

In vitro study creation

In vivo study creation

Scientific timeline planning

Scientific results evaluation

Evaluate scientific documents

Engage and manage CROs

Evaluate efficient use of lab resources

Clinical Strategy

Create or evaluate clinical strategy

Create clinical trial protocol

Minimize clinical trial risk

Reimbursement and Pricing

Evaluate market segment pricing

Create or evaluate reimbursement strategy

Create or review reimbursement timelines

Create or edit reimbursement applications

Business Development and Sales

Engage with potential customers

Generate early sales

Create sales and marketing strategies

Case Studies


An early stage company was having difficulty with business development and partnering after nearly a year of trying. They brought in a Longfellow Associates consultant to evaluate product-market fit, pricing, and general strategy. At our consultant's recommendation, the company pivoted the technology to a market where it fits into hospital practices and where it produces a more significant value for the company, patient, and hospital. The changes led to interest from larger corporations looking to foster relationships with the startup.

Scientific Support

​A venture-backed medical device company encountered scientific challenges while developing their product that brought the technologies validity into question. The company brought in a Longfellow Associates' consultant to evaluate the product and guide development. The product was significantly modified resulting in an improved solution to the initial problem. Their product is currently in further development and has cleared the past limitations.

Regulatory, Clinical, and Quality Systems

​A company with deep subject matter expertise developed a product outside of their normal business scope. They reached out to Longfellow Associates to provide multi-area support across all of the points where they do not have direct subject knowledge. Their product is working towards FDA approval.

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