Supporting life science innovators

We provide strategic guidance and support for life science and healthcare companies to pursue their global ambitions

Experinced Consultants

Longfellow consultants focus on understanding the clients' root challenges and goals to deliver quality results.

Strong Track Record

The majority of Longfellow's clients are repeat clients. We value long-term relationships and work to provide the highest quality service to all of our clients.

Internationally Minded

Longfellow was founded as a Boston based consulting firm specialized in working with companies outside of the United States. We still remain connected to these roots.

Mission Driven

Our all encompasing objective is to help clients and their technologies succeed and help patients.

Our values

Longfellow Associates is a mission driven life science strategic consulting firm where helping patients is firmly embedded as a cornerstone of our culture. Breakthrough technolgies and healthcare inventions happen around the globe and we seek to bridge the sucess gap between different geographic locations, helping companies and technologies suceed globally.

We live our values by finding non-traditional ways to work with earlier stage captial constrained companies with highly impactful technologies, with this accounting for up to 25% of our consultants' total time.